Cobots – Collaborative Robots – A new kind of robots, changing all we know and think about robotics. Cobots work safely and elegantly alongside humans, and enable your work force to achieve unimaginable productivity records.

Cobots can be easily trained, relocated, and redeployed. Their inherent flexibility allows them to be involved in a wide variety of tasks, allowing you to quickly enjoy your return on investment.

Cobots set your people free to add value and quality to your products, while the cobots continue doing the repetitive and strenuous tasks.

israeli Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robotics is a disruptive technology that is changing dramatically the western hemisphere’s industrial plants landscape. iCobots was established to bring and implement this most advanced technology into the Israeli industrial and business sectors.

We are in a constant process of establishing alliances, strategic partnerships, and distribution agreements, with the most innovative cobots systems providers.

Cobots – Robots that work in partnership with humans