Get all the options with Soft Robotics

Products that have an indefinite and undefined shape have always been a challenge for robotic systems

Soft Robotics grip systems allow industrial robotics and Cobots to grip with the help of specialized grippers in a vast array of food and other industries, varying in size, configuration, and weight, thus significantly reducing the need for advanced vision systems and movement calculation.

The Soft Robotics system is built in Plug and Play configuration and can be easily installed on existing robots and Cobots, and get up and running in minutes. There is no need for dedicated programming requirements, setting up dedicated infrastructure, or bringing in experts.

The system’s Integrated Controller unit ensures accurate second-particle reactivity ( > 3 Hz) and repetition of operations. The system is compatible with all the robotics and industrial Cobots available on the market today, and comes in a complete solution configuration with no requirements for a dedicated infrastructure. Maintains up to 8 grip profiles.

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