VGo - keeping you close

The VGo is a comprehensive solution for establishing a physical presence in a remote location (Telepresence)

Through the internet and running a special application – which enables work on PC, Mac, iPad and mobile phone – a person located anywhere in the world can connect to a remote VGo and fully interact with the people who are there, including on-site traffic as he would if he were there in person. Some people like to describe VGo as their personal “avatar” …

Medical Activity Support

Remote specialist physician counseling, medical services in isolated areas, access to remote patient family members, intimate access to isolated patients, evocative interaction in pediatric wards.

Education and Training

Demonstrate loneliness and distance learning for students with disabilities (allergy, weak immune system, disabling injury …).

Service and Support

Expert support for complex fracture maintenance events, remote technical support for the industry.

Remote presence

Extensive use of offices, demo sites and production sites.

Transfer messaging from anywhere and anytime

The VGo fills the gap between going to a specific place in person and making a video call with people in a conference room or remote office. In fact, the VGo is the solution to the problem raised by veterans of the “video conference” industry, who have heard complaints from customers that the existing solution lacks remote control. The VGo is 100% controlled by the remote person. The people who are in the same place with the VGo usually do not touch it when used and treat it like a human being.

Simple and experienced operation

Using standard web accounts and permission settings, the VGo can be shared with a group of people or a single person, just like other enterprise applications like shared printing, email, software and more. Unlike conference calls, using VGo does not restrict you to a particular place such as a conference room and does not require prior coordination with other people in the workplace.

Unique and advanced software platform

The VGo’s stylish platform incorporates a unique camera, microphones, speakers and motion sensors that allow the user a different communication experience. The VGo is optimized for optimal communication within 4 meters, as in normal interaction with people sitting or standing. Extension can be added to a device that raises its height by an additional 30 cm for applications where the interaction is done standing. Or at predetermined intervals, moving slowly in the room or joining in a quick walk down the hallVGo has a battery that allows full day-to-day operation between charges. When the time comes for recharging, the remote user simply clicks the “load” button and the VGo automatically locates itself in the charging unit (included).

Technical data:

Height 120 cm with the possibility of an additional height of 30 cm
Weight 8.6 kg
Maximum speed 0.91 meters per second
Network connectivity WiFi
Bandwidth 1MB (recommended), also possible with lower bandwidth
  • Automatic connection to a docking station
  • Collision Prevention System
  • Remote control
  • 6 hour active battery (12 hour active battery available)
  • Charging time - 6 hours
  • Auto-answer option
  • Zoom - up to x 5