Sawyer - Operator Assistant, Performer, Smart and Intuitive Operator

The Sawyer is a Cobot (collaborative robot) designed to perform a variety of tasks on production floors.

The Sawyer integrates into production floors alongside the workforce, enabling considerable improvement in business results and work productivity. The high level of precision along with ease of use and safety help many industrial enterprises streamline work processes and redirect workers to more sophisticated and complex tasks. The Sawyer’s modest dimensions alongside the advanced software platform give it the ability to adapt to a wide range of applications such as discharge and loading, packaging, electrical circuit inspection, maintenance and more.

Integrates with existing work stations

Sawyer has a 7-degree freedom arm that allows it great flexibility. It can carry about 4 kg within a radius of about 1.2 meters, giving it a wide maneuverability and performing precisely ± 0.1 mm. Cobot has a pair of cameras in his arm and screen area that allow it to study the environment it is in. The base of the robot allows it to be set to a job position to perform tasks near the production line. When you finish the job in the first position, you can move it to another position in the production line and even another production line where it will be required to perform other tasks. Once the Sawyer components arrive at the factory gates, it is possible within a few hours to assemble it, integrate it into an existing work station and start working with it. Today, Sawyer can meet a wide variety of industrial fields such as plastics, electronics, general automation and laboratories.

Safety above all

The Cobot arm “feels” its way. If a person or object stands in the way of the arm, it will stop and the Cobot will flash or display another warning. The Cobot is built to work in a human environment without the need to establish a special infrastructure designed to separate it from the employees in the environment. However, it is important to carry out risk analysis for the working space in which the Cobot works, as is done with the application of any equipment or machine on the production floor.

Fast and simple application

Unlike today’s robots that require programming knowledge, Sawyer learns from the operator what to do. Within 10 minutes of initial training, the operator can teach the Cobot to do simple operations. how? The operator presses a button and moves the arm to teach the Cobot to perform the task once. Another click – and the Cobot starts doing what his operator has taught him time and time again! In longer training, which can last up to 3 days, the operator can teach the Cobot to perform complex operations including conditioning, pausing, adding hardware and more. Unlike the standard robots, which require several months of construction, the Sawyer can be started in just a few hours.

Immediate implementation and quick return on investment

The Sawyer was built to serve as a broad spectrum of applications in the industrial world. Unlike other robotic systems, its implementation does not require any special preparation in the work environment and it reaches the factory gates on which the appropriate applications have been prepared ahead of time. Because this is one and only physical configuration, there is no need for the existence of a long and complex construction process and characterization, a fact that saves revolutionary ownership in the industry. Its relatively low price makes it also suitable for medium and small scale industrial plants, for which automation processes were too expensive and cumbersome for them.

Technical data:

Arm Weight 19 kg
Degrees of Freedom 7
Arm length 1,260 meters
Load capacity up to 4kg
Applications Automation processes, electric circuit testing, material handling, packaging, loading and unloading, production line work and more.
Repeat accuracy 0.1mm | 0.5 up
Sensors A head camera, an arm cam, a range of powerful sensor
Safety Has a standard for working in a human environment
Opacity level IP - IP54
Power requirement Standard 220V socket
Minimum working hours 35,000 hours
Software Intera