Support and service

At iCobots, we recognize the need and desire of industrial enterprise managers to choose reliable, low-maintenance equipment that allows them to operate independently of consultants, technicians, mechanics, and external programmers for support and service.

Our support begins on the first day, with your decision to purchase a Cobot from us and integrate it into the production floor, and aims to build expertise in your operators and maintenance staff at a level that will enable the Cobot to operate and integrate into production processes from day one, as well as adapting it to changing production needs from time to time by authorized factory staff.

Unlike the robotics market in Israel, where the cost of hardware presented at the acquisition stage is actually about 30% – 50% of the total cost of implementing the system, iCobots believes in presenting the entire cost to the customer. Thanks to the design of the products we provide, the cost of support and service to the customer is very low, and as a result, the customer enjoys a quick return on investment.

How do we do it?


  • Training two employees through a course and providing access to online databases to address issues in day-to-day operations.

  • Shared implementation of the first app that the iCobots deployment team performs with your team of operators to learn together the workflows and meet the challenges expected in ongoing operations.

  • A flexible support package, built to the needs of the customer, as they grow through the implementation process, and aims to minimize the total cost of the purchase.